Bahia Maguey
Mexican Hogfish Because of its finger shape jutting deep into the coast, Bahia Maguey is almost completely protected from ocean swells and is a great place for swimming. Pronounced "Mah-gay", it takes the average gringo a bit of time to overcome the desire to call it "Mah-goo-ee". The name comes from the agave plant that tequila is made from. There is some reef for snorkeling along the rocks on the left edge of the bay, but it's not one of the better snorkeling bays. Further out in the bay, however, are some of the best scuba diving sites in Huatulco. With a profusion of palapa restaurants and easy road access, it is one of the most popular beaches along with La Entrega. Tour buses often bring people from inland on weekends. A warning about the beachside restaurants - I can't speak for all of them but the larger ones seem to feature some of the worst overpricing of anywhere in Huatulco. Cattle boats bring tourists to them for lunch, and between those and the tour buses, the restaurants have decided to make the most with a captive audience that doesn't have any other choice. There seems to be a direct correlation between popularity of beaches and lower quality and higher priced food. Again, there are some places at these beaches better than others, but my worst culinary experiences have been at Maguey and Entrega. Beyond that aspect, Maguey is a beautiful bay with a nice beach and a very pleasant place to spend a day. To get there you drive through Santa Cruz and follow the road and signs for four km's to the west until you reach Maguey.