Bahia Chachacual

humpback whale breaching A comprehensive study of the Huatulco National Park in 2003 noted that the coral reef in Bahia Chachacual was one of the healthiest reef areas of any of the bays, with great diversity and very few species present that indicated disturbance. It is one of the finer snorkeling spots in Huatulco, though it doesn't have nearly the magnitude of Cacaluta, San Agustin, or La Entrega. The Playa India corner is less sheltered from swell than some other bays, and I have rarely found excellent visibility there, whereas the shallow reef around the rocks at the other corner of the bay is much more sheltered. Playa India is a gorgeous tranquil beach where most of the local pangas take people, yet the west side of the bay has an even larger emptier beach. At the far west end, the "cattle boats" unload people en masse, which put me off of checking out that corner for a long time. They stay in the corner though and most of the beach remains empty. In addition, the shallow snorkeling reef inside the rocks a hundred yards offshore is magnificent, and one of my favorites of all the bays. The key is to time a trip there very early or later in the day when the cattle boats aren't there and you have the entire area to yourself. I passed a lovely afternoon there with my friend Leslee at the height of post Xmas tourist season, with the entire beach to ourself. It's boat only access, and you can take a panga from Santa Cruz or San Agustin, or jump on one of the huge catamaran cattle boats if you're on a budget. Between Chachacual and San Agustin are some gorgeous beaches in Riscalillo and Jicaral that have to rate as some of the emptiest, pristine beaches you'll find in Huatulco. They see very little use from anyone due to their remote location and boat-only access.

humpback whale and calf humpback whale

Riscalillo, Jicaral, Chachacual