Medical Help and Dental Visits
In case of a serious emergency, there is the IMSS hospital in La Crucecita on Boulevard Chahue across the street from the Super Che, but they rarely take life threatening injuries and you usually get shuttled by a long ambulance ride to Pochutla to an underfunded and understaffed hospital where you find they canít do much for you and you need to be airlifted to Oaxaca City. The highly regarded Naval Hospital down the street (near the Red Cross) will sometimes take foreign visitors but isnít something to depend on. A new full service hospital is apparently in the works with the help of Canadian money. For the standard traveler's ailments and even mildly serious injuries, the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in La Crucecita is an excellent facility for very low priced medical care. They can handle stitches, and all manner of ailments. Private doctors in town are all over the place as far as cost, so the Cruz Roja is the best option if you have some Spanish skills or someone to translate. Do not be surprised if a doctor gives you a list of supplies you need to purchase from a pharmacy for your treatment beyond just your prescriptions. Few doctors can afford to keep much in the way of supplies on hand. You're often expected to buy syringes from a pharmacy if you're getting shots, and other supplies as well. There is a good, inexpensive doctor in La Crucecita who speaks English and will do house calls -

Dr Javier deJesus Velasco, #310 Cocotillo, (958) 587 0246. He charges around $30 for a basic visit.

While my experience with dental work in Mexico has been quite good, if there's one things that visitors seem especially wary of it is trusting their mouths to Mexican dentists. The bias is irrational and based on absurd notions that all dentistry is practiced in Mexico on some backward village level with unsanitary facilities. While Huatulco doesn't have any facilities as gleamingly state-of-the-art as places like Ciudad Juarez, the care is still professional and a fraction of the cost of American dentistry. Sometimes the diagnoses are better, in fact. Dr Wilfreddy Marin - - is the best dentist in Huatulco and has an office across from the municipal agency behind Marina Park Plaza across from the Chahue Marina. Porcelain crowns generally run between $200-300, and root canals about $200. There is no dentist in town that does implants right now, though a specialist from Mexico City apparently comes in once a month just to do implants. Compared to the cost of dental work in the States, you can pay for an entire vacation through your savings on a root canal and crown.